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Introduction to travel for TEFL and TESOL teachers

As a qualified English language teacher you can travel the world and find work in almost any country you choose to visit. English learners gain a valuable opportunity to interact with a native speaker and pick up all the little nuances that they would otherwise miss. This section of the Guide will prepare you for travel around the world as an EFL/ESL teacher.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language has developed into a vast global business. In many countries around the world, the development of English language skills throughout society is considered crucial to economic success. People want to learn English because they see it as a key, opening doors to new opportunities that they would not otherwise enjoy. Governments around the world are insisting that their children learn English from a very early age: Korea, Japan and Italy are just three countries that have recently announced initiatives designed to get people to learn English.

Teaching English has always had one great advantage over any other form of teaching: the travel element. The requirement for teachers in just about every country around the world leads to great opportunities for well-qualified teachers who can travel and, often, a very enjoyable lifestyle exploring countries and new cultures.

This section of the book provides thorough, in-depth profiles of all the main markets for teachers of English. We include a short description of the country and its prospects for teachers, together with details of the visa requirements, salary expectations, medical conditions, cost of accommodation and local English-language newspapers. We also include details of the main schools in the country that could offer you a job. Use this information to contact the schools with your curriculum vitae and a covering letter to find a job as a teacher.

Once you have selected the country or region where you would like to work, search the country profile, schools that might be able to offer you a job and for more details on how best to apply, how to search for jobs online and even how to travel!

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