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British English native-speakers will have few problems in the UK since teachers are expected to teach British English; Americans will find it hard to get a job, however, for Canadians, Australian and New Zealand citizens, the prospects are much better. You will need an EU passport if you want to teach English in the UK

Embassy in USA:

3100 Massachusetts Ave, Washington DC 20008

Tel: +1 202 588 6500


British Council main office:

10 Spring Gardens, London SW1A 2BN

Tel +44 (0) 20 7930 8466


Ü  Visas/Work permits:

A work permit is extremely difficult for a non-EU citizen to obtain. You must find an employer who will apply on your behalf before you enter the country.

Ü  Requirements:

College Degree and a TESOL/TESL Certificate

Ü  Cost of Living:

The UK is an expensive country.

Ü  Currency:

US$1 = approx £0.51

Ü  Salaries/Taxes:

London salaries are not particularly good although schools in Oxford and Cambridge pay well.

Ü  Accommodation:

The cost of accommodation in London is steadily rising and public transportation is expensive and unreliable. In the centre of London expect to pay a minimum of £100 / $200 a week. In the suburbs anything from £60 / $110 – £70 / $130 is standard. Outside of London accommodation is usually a lot cheaper, especially in student towns, but a lot of schools will arrange accommodation for you often with host families.

Ü  Health advice:

While good medical services are widely available, free care under the National Health System is allowed only to EU citizens.