Many language students study English in Ireland in the summer months and the country is experiencing a boom. It is difficult for non-EU citizens to find jobs in Ireland unless they are in the I.T. industry, construction or nursing.

Embassy in UK:

17 Grosvenor Place, London SW1X 7HR

Tel: 020 7235 2171

Embassy in USA:

2234 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington DC 20008

Tel: 202 462 3939


Ü  Visas/Work Permits:

Ireland is a member state of the EU so you will need an EU passport to work here. Americans and Canadians of Irish descent can qualify for an Irish passport if they were born in Ireland or have parents or grandparents who were. If you do not qualify for an Irish passport your employer will have to prove that you are doing a job that another EU citizen could not do.

Ü  Requirements:

College Degree and a TESOL/TESL Certificate

Ü  Cost of Living:

Ireland can be an expensive country to live in.

Ü  Currency:

£1 = € 1.49  $1 = € 0.76

Ü  Salaries/Taxes:

Low wages for teachers and high taxation rates make it difficult for teachers to survive here.

Ü  Accommodation:

It can be very difficult to find an apartment or room in Dublin over the summer months. Rents run around £50-100 per week per person in a shared house.

Ü  Health advice:

Good medical facilities are available