The French have become more demanding of their teachers and expect them to be experienced and professional. “Student centred” teaching methods are not in vogue and you really need to be au fait with the rules of English grammar before you take on an English language teaching job in France.

Many Americans and other non-EU nationals despair of finding a teaching job in France. But if you are determined and are not above a bit of minor rule-bending, you can work as an English language teacher in France. Reports suggest that one route for job finders is to contact all the language schools they can find in the Yellow Pages and arrange to send a CV, photo and hand-written cover letter to the relevant person. Some schools are prepared to pay foreign teachers in cash and if you can find part-time jobs at three or more schools you may find yourself rolling in Euros.


Consulate in UK:

21 Cromwell Road, London SW7 2EN

Tel: +44 (0)20 7073 1200

Embassy in USA:

4101 Reservoir Road NW, Washington DC 20007

Tel: +1 202 944 6000

British Council office:

9 rue de Constantine, 75340 Paris cedex 07

Tel +33 (1) 4955 7300


Ü  Visas/Work Permits:

A visa is not required for a tourist/business stay up to 90 days in France, Andorra, Monaco, and Corsica. Non-EU citizens must find an institute that is willing to put them on a contract before they can obtain working papers.

Ü  Requirements:

College Degree and a TESOL/TESL Certificate

Ü  Cost of Living:

Living costs in the major cities are often surprisingly high, but rent and food (particularly wine!) are cheaper than in the UK and USA.

Ü  Currency:

£1 = € 1.49  $1 = € 0.76

Ü  Salaries/Taxes:

Salaries for teachers vary immensely in France and will usually be considerably lower in the provinces than in Paris, due to the lower cost of living. Contracted teachers can expect between £500 and £750 per month, while freelancers can expect £12 per hour.

Ü  Accommodation:

Expect to pay from around £350 per month for a one-bedroom apartment in Paris.

Ü  Health advice:

You will need insurance to avoid big bills if you fall sick or have an accident.

Ü  English Language Media:

International Herald Tribune, Paris Passion, The News (monthly)