5:21 pm - Friday July 20, 5117

What to do when you receive a job offer

Ask your prospective employer if you can contact teachers who are working at the school for references. If the school is reputable, the owner or principal should have no problems with this request. If no other native-speaking teachers are currently employed at the school ask to speak to former employees. If this request does cause a problem, then you should be wary about accepting a job offer from this school. Another point to remember is that some teachers do criticize schools they have worked for even if the problems were mostly of their own making. Lazy and bad teachers do exist – even if they speak the same language as you do! Use common sense in a situation where you are confronted with conflicting stories from schools and teachers. After all, you’re going to have to rely on your own judgement when you are living and working in a new environment.

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