TEFL Jobs – UK Summer Schools

The UK has a very strong summer-school industry (with several hundred schools working the season) that always has a need for qualified teachers. The summer schools cater for students who want to learn English over a summer holiday; these students can be either young learners or young adults – but, even with the current downturn in international travel, the summer schools are still very busy – as is their requirement for teachers.

The rates of pay for work in summer schools is often higher than usual. In the past, some summer schools have not offered very good quality teaching, but with the work of industry associations, particularly English UK (www.EnglishUK.com) – the newly-merged organisation previously known as ARELS (Association of Recognised English Language Schools) and BASELT (British Association of State English Language Teaching) – and the British Council (www.britishcouncil.org), the schools are being accredited and standards are now high.

With so many schools on their lists, it’s impossible to fit all these into this book: the best way to search for a suitable school to approach for a job is to use a site such as English in Britain (www.EnglishInBritain.com) or the English UK (www.EnglishUK.com) websites – both have search features.

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