Finding a TEFL Job

One of the great advantages of being an English language teacher is that you can travel the world and still get a job; almost every country has a requirement for English language teachers – some need teachers specialising in a particular accent (British or American), others have a focus on a particular age-range.

However, once you have either a recognised qualification (see previous section) or basic experience, you can travel and find work around the world. This means that any ELT job section must cover travel and working practice around the world (see the next section) as well as covering agencies that can get you a job in a particular country. Over the next few pages, you will see how to find a job, how to get through an interview, how to get a job in a different country and how to prepare for the culture shock of travelling and teaching in a new environment.

How do I find a TESOL job?

Probably the easiest way to find a job is to use the resources we provide! Either contact the schools and teacher recruitment agencies listed in this book or visit the Oxford Seminars teacher placement service ( or visit a specialist jobsite to view 100s of job vacancies online.

To apply directly to a school, use the information listed in the country sections of this guide. If you want to teach English abroad as a volunteer, click here for more information. When it comes to preparing your CV, be sure to stress any practical teaching you may have as well as any qualifications you have earned.








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