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Certificate in TESOL

The Certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) – often referred to as certTESOL is administered by Trinity College London. It has over 4,000 student-teachers enrolments per year and is, like the CELTA (above) a well-recognised Certificate in practical ELT teaching. Trainees are expected to take courses in a foreign language, to understand the difficulties in teaching a foreign language. No two courses are the same, as course designers can introduce their own ideas and elements, so you will need to verify the details of the specific course. Cert.TESOL courses are usually full-time intensive and last between four to six weeks, although part-time courses are available at a few centres. The costs are very similar to a CELTA, £700-1000 ($1300-1900).

Certificate in TEYL

The Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners is administered by Trinity College London. This is a pre-experience course that is normally taken as an add-on module to a Cert.TESOL course and is designed for teachers who would like to specialise in teaching to young learners of English (which is a strong market that is growing rapidly, especially in Italy, Korea, Japan, and Greece).

Trinity-ARELS One-to-One Certificate

A one-week/25-hour course for teachers of individual students on a one-to-one basis. Most candidates have an initial certificate (for example CertTESOL), but relevant experience is in some cases acceptable as an alternative. Availability is limited at present, but may increase.

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