TEFL Acronyms – basic

CALL: Computer Assisted Language Learning.

DOS: Director of Studies

EAP: English for Academic Purposes–The study or teaching of English with specific reference to an academic (usually a university- or college-based) course.

ECIS: European Council of International Schools

EFL: English as a Foreign Language–English language programmes in countries where English is not the common or official language. It is used in American university programmes where international students study English although the use of the word “foreign” is now avoided in some schools because of its xenophobic connotations.

ELICOS: English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students. Acronym used in Australia to refer to EFL.

ELL: English Language Learner–a term that has become popular in California designed to replace the acronym “LEP” (see below) which many teachers felt to be pejorative.

ELT: English Language Teaching or Training– a term coined in the UK and designed to replace EFL. It is in use around the world but has yet to catch on in the USA.

EOP: English for Occupational Purposes

ESL: English as a Second Language–English language programmes in countries where English is the dominant or official language. In the U.S. programmes designed for non-English-speaking students in the U.S. are ESL programmes; in the UK, this term is not used – ESOL is used instead.

ESOL: English to Speakers of Other Languages – in the U.S. this acronym is often used to describe elementary and secondary English language programmes; in the UK it refers to a specific type of English language teaching for newcomers to the country who might have complex requirements (perhaps asylum seekers or refugees) and learn English to integrate and take further education. It is sometimes used to distinguish ESL classes within adult basic education programmes.

ESP: English for Specific Purposes–a term that refers to teaching or studying English for a particular career (like law or medicine) or for business in general.

IEP: Intensive English Program–refers to an intensive course designed to help non-English speaking students prepare for academic study at a university or college.

L1: First language (L2: Second language)

LEP: Limited English Proficient–a term used for many years to designate children in the school systems for whom English was not their first language. Now replaced by terms like ELL.


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